Wikipedia Already Lists Rob Ryan As Coaching The Saints

I can see how this day is going already, before I even had my first cup of coffee. You know, I was going to tweet Rita Benson this morning and ask her about the wisdom of allowing Entergy to act as spokesman for both themselves and the Superdome. Should I perhaps ask her if drug tests are in order for the Saints management team?

Update by the Author:

Lest you spill your coffee like I almost did, I’ll clear this up. The Saints fans were pranked by someone this morning. While I was trying to run down proof someone finally remover the “offensive text” from the Wiki page. All’s well that ends well, but I damn sure don’t want to suffer deja vu a week from now.

Getting back to the Wiki part, I just bounced in there looking for one line I saw alluded to inside the member section of Someone had mentioned that Rob Ryan has never coached an NFL team into the playoffs. Sure enough, the statement was inside Wikipedia; it was the next to last line under “Coaching Career”:

“No Ryan-led defense has ever qualified for the postseason.”

BTW, I called it “weird news” because the latest post at NBC sports says that Ryan hasn’t even interviewed with the Saints yet, that the Saints will interview Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham on Thursday, then Rob Ryan on Friday. I may just be a dumb country boy, but I thought you interviewed someone before you hired them.

Yet there it was under Ryan’s picture in the right column, showing his current position as the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints. Maybe the Saints thought they better not dilly daddle with such a “red hot prospect”.

Silly me. I thought it was a good idea to go after the ex defensive coordinator of the Patriots, who had coached them to three Super Bowl victories. I misguidedly thought experience in winning was a valuable tool for a defensive coordinator. I guess I better not quit my day job; it looks like I’m not qualified to make coaching decisions.

In related news, I looked up “Mediocrity” yesterday. Sure enough, there was Rob Ryan’s picture beside the definition.

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One thought on “Wikipedia Already Lists Rob Ryan As Coaching The Saints

  1. To be honest is scares me senseless to think Ryan would be our DC the Cowboys were giving up 25 points a game in the 2012 season. The cowboys were running a close race with the Saints which were giving up 28/29 points per game.

    I know they are looking at Todd Grantham, please tell me they will pick Todd over Ryan.

    Grantham, meanwhile, has spent the past three seasons as the University of Georgia’s defensive coordinator, employing a 3-4 scheme that helped the Bulldogs go to the SEC championship game both in 2011 and 2012. UGA came within five yards of earning a spot in the BCS title game this season, an Alabama defensive stop ending its chances.
    Grantham has an NFL background, having worked in Indianapolis, Cleveland and Dallas.

    aka dafandan Who Datt!!

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