NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport Tries To Defend “Freeney To Saints” Theory


I missed it yesterday when Ian Rapoport mentioned it on twitter, mainly because I don’t consider anyone who works/writes for the NFL to be either unbiased towards the Saints or particularly knowledgeable about them. After seeing Mike Florio’s headline this morning however I decided to mention it: “Saints could make a play for Freeney

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet
Don’t be surprised when #Saints emerge as a player for Dwight Freeney, especially if they miss on Nnamdi. Still trying to upgrade pass-rush

The title of Mike’s article suggested that he gave Ian’s tweet credit for a fair amount of validity, but it worked out a bit differently in the article. After 75 words of “filler material” about Freeney becoming “homeless” Florio finally got around to stating the obvious about Dwight Freeney:

“Eventually, other teams could get involved.”

Yeah, well “duh”, lol… I just don’t think the New Orleans Saints will be one of the teams that “get’s involved”, at least past perhaps a tentative phone call. Florio did point out that Nnamdi is taking more time making his decision than a high school girl choosing a prom dress, and as such Freeney is likely to either die of old age or be signed before Asomugha makes a decision, lol.

Perhaps Rapoport should have first considered whether or not Freeney wants to play in a 3-4* scheme, which he doesn’t. I doubt the Saints should be desperate enough to take Florio up on his challenge, “to persuade Freeney to stick with the 3-4 for a second straight season.” The Saints not only don’t have the time to re-train anyone, they also don’t need to be convincing someone to “cozy up to their system”. *Note: Earlier typo, (3-4 read 4-3) sorry.

Rapoport even seemed to overlook a few things that some Saints fans didn’t at The Times-Picayune when it was erroneously stated that the Saints were in fact interested in Freeney. Yes, poor previous performance in the 3-4 coupled with age and a hefty price tag don’t look appealing. A “designer price tag” with K-Mart performance? Nope.

Still Ian tried to defend his position at twitter by suggesting that we only send him in on 3rd down plays. Sure, let’s pay two players to play the position because Freeney can’t cut it for all four downs. Rapoport finally gave up defending his position and moved on. That is until he mistakenly mistook Mike Florio’s title as an agreement and retweeted it, lol…

Sorry Ian we will be surprised if the Saints make a move for Freeney, especially in light of the fact that they still need to properly evaluate what they already have in house. Nice try Ian, but no cigar.

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