NFL Questions & Answers For Wednesday May 22nd

NFL questions and answers

Howdy, folks! It’s your ol’ buddy “HarahanWhoDat” here, back once again with another edition of “NFL Q&A’s” — where I’ll give out the fastest answers to some of the hottest questions on the minds of fans throughout pro football and the rest of the sports world. So without ‘further ado’, let’s get started !!!

Barry XHarahan WhoDat, AKA Barry, Staff Saints Writer

Is New York Jets running back Mike Goodson actually serious about pleading not guilty in New Jersey State District Court on drug and weapons charges?  

The contrite Mr. Goodson , in a rather desperate attempt to save what’s left of his athletic career, will enter a plea of not guilty; in hopes that maybe the judge will decide to overlook the fact that Mr. Goodson was arrested after drawing attention to himself by passing out “wasted” in a car in  the middle of a highway. And the marijuana and loaded gun underneath his passenger side seat?  “It ain’t MINE, your Honor! It was in the car before I decided to take a joyride and get smashed on the very narcotic that I want to stress that I’m NOT dealing. It probably belongs to my buddy — it’s gotta be his! I’m not sure how it would have gotten there, otherwise…….”.  I’m personally of the opinion that Goodson is one of the biggest boneheads in all of sports. It’s bad enough that he is so willing to completely throw away a multi-million dollar career that most of us would love to have. But then he wants us to be naïve, so that he can do damage control. I’m unwilling to give him that sort of a break unfortunately, and so should the legal system.

Are the Saints actually serious about moving long-time defensive end Will Smith to outside linebacker? Don’t you actually have to be FAST to play that position?

The only possible logic behind this move is that the organization already knows that Smith can’t possibly play the position with any effectiveness — thereby facilitating his eventual release from the Saints roster. It’s a stroke of genius, if there ever was one. Just don’t expect however that Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton, or Rob Ryan would ever admit to it. That would make them complicit in a “Who Dat-sized” conspiracy, as well as look bad in the eyes of the pro football world. Genius, I tell ya. Pure unadulterated genius…….

It’s late May. If you had to handicap the upcoming football year (factoring in injuries, etc.), who would you say are the favorites from each NFL conference?

In the NFC, they’re several teams that I envision as serious contenders; including our hometown Saints. I like Atlanta’s talent level, particularly on offense. The 49’ers and the Seahawks are probably the 2 best young teams in the League, and honestly they’re the “cream of the crop” right now. And watch out for my ‘sleeper pick’: The Minnesota Vikings. Over in the AFC, I think the Gronkowski  Injury /Surgery is huge. It alters the Patriots’ entire strategy heading into the season. I’ll pick the Broncos as the favorite in that conference now, with the Houston Texans creeping up on the outside. The defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens will still be pretty good — but not enough to repeat.

Will we see an 18-Game regular season someday soon in the NFL?

Absolutely — and likely much sooner than later. Although the players are supposedly against it, it’s a way for both ownership and the players to make lots of $$$$$$$. Oh yeah, they’re gonna do it. So, what about all of that talk about player safety being the reason that they’d never be willing to go through with it? Never mind about that, there’s just too much money to be made.  And of course as a result, now we’ll have (2) more reasons to tailgate, as well.

Got a Super Bowl pick yet, this far out from the start of the season?

Sure thing: New Orleans vs. Denver — our home team “bounces back” in a very big way, after a year of upheaval. I further predict at the two minute warning with the Saints ahead by 10, with the ball inside the Bronco’s red zone that Roger Goodell runs screaming onto the field throwing red challenge flags, and has to be restrained by stadium security. But you may just want to check back with me. Like most things in life, it can always be subject to change……………….

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