Armchair GM’s Gone Wild: Mike Wallace On The New Orleans Saints


The day has finally come Saints fans, the end of the season. The team played valiantly all the way until the final whistle, but ultimately couldn’t over come some key mistakes in Seattle. While most folks start to move on to other things, my work is just getting started. You see, I fancy myself as a bit of an analyst, and maybe an armchair GM at times. Continue reading

Cowboys Defense Woes Vindicate The Saints’ Rob Ryan


With the upcoming holiday season in full swing it’s easy for the Saints fans to find things to be thankful for. To start with our 10-3 record is one of the best in the NFL, and the sports media has almost stopped reminding us of last season. Continue reading

A Look Inside Rob Ryan, With His Own Words As A Guide


Most of us don’t know very much about the man who is largely responsible for the New Orleans Saints being the NFC South Division leader, and looking forward to a run at the playoffs. Can we get a better understanding of the man from his own words? We can give it a good try. Continue reading

Rob Ryan Will Use His “Secret Weapon” Against San Fransisco

rob ryan

It was about the end of Week 4 when it started sinking in that Sean Payton had picked a winner when he and Mickey Loomis signed Rob Ryan to be the Saints defensive coordinator. The previous year we had stood at 0-4, but this year we were standing tall at 4-0. Continue reading

Their Swagger Makes The Saints Legitimate Contenders


Sitting down to write a post-game analysis of Monday night’s Saints and Miami Dolphins game isn’t simple, and I seem to be struggling to come up with the right adjective to describe the Saints performance. The “Darren Sproles Show” won’t work; there were too many stellar performances by too many players. Daren Sproles, Jimmy Graham, Drew Brees and Colston are just part of what put the points on the board, but the Saints defense kept them off the scoreboard for the Dolphins. Continue reading

Rob Ryan: Sean Payton And The Saints Are His Perfect Match

rob ryan

First I have a confession to make. When Sean Paton and Mickey Loomis picked Rob Ryan to run the New Orleans Saints defense I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but I wasn’t alone. A significant segment of the WhoDat Nation wasn’t pleased, and some were downright appalled. We didn’t have a right to be. You see, Roger Goodell had specifically held back Sean Payton’s reinstatement until the cream of the defensive coordinator crop had already been signed by the other needy teams. Continue reading

Drew Brees Optimism For The Saints Is Par For The Course

drew brees and his boys

Leadership takes many forms, and the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the master of most of them. The Saints are going through a difficult time this offseason, and as you would expect Drew Brees has spoken up in their behalf in an interview with NFL AM. Continue reading

Saints Signs And Waivers: Doing The Math On The Offense Effect

doing the saints roster math

The last time I talked bout the New Orleans Saints roster the count stood at 87, with room for 3 more. I remember hoping that Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis would give Drew Brees some new weapons before the dust settled. I’ve read many comments by Saints fans during the offseason claiming our offense is just fine, and I suppose it is. Having said that, when’s the last time a team with a “just fine” offense won the Super Bowl? Fine just doesn’t feed the bulldog. Continue reading